About the Management


The Management  of Information Technology was established by the High Order dated 1431/11/12 AH to provide technical and operational services to university students, faculty members, and staff. Over time, the Management’s technical practices have evolved to providing effective professional services that facilitate and organize the university's work on integrated technical infrastructure, advanced data centers, and comprehensive coverage of telecommunications networks. The Management  also manages numerous regulations, applications, databases, and supportive services for staff, such as IP phones, e-mails, e-transactions, e-archiving, e-management of committees and councils, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Following the university's Strategic Plan, the Management  tries to meet the requirements of university entities to find digital solutions to its procedures through effective and secure systems and applications. The Management  of Information Technology also provides technical support services and maintenance of computer laboratories, computers, and accessories for faculty and staff in all University branches. It offers technical support for screens, projectors, and speakers in halls and theatres. Moreover, the Management  of Information Technology activated its government Service Bus (GSB) to exchange data accurately, electronically, and safely with many public sectors.

Dr. Sultan Alkhlaiwi
General Supervisor of Information Technology Department
شعار الجامعة

Vision and Mission


To be an inspiring Management  that provides a creative digital experience to beneficiaries.


Utilizing technology and human resources effectively and strengthening the relationship with beneficiaries using the best digital practices to support the university's progress and mission.

Goals and Values


  • Applying the best practices and technical methodologies.
  • Providing integrated digital services.
  • Providing a work environment that stimulates creativity and innovation.
  • Improving beneficiaries' experience to raise satisfaction.


  • Quality.
  • Modernity.
  • Integrity.
  • Teamwork.
  • Transparency.
  • Societal responsibility.